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Pastoral Memorial Service - Feb, 16 - 18 2018

Pastoral Memorial Service - Ontario, CA
February, 16-18 2018

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Pastoral Memorial Service Chicago Streaming Live October 6-8 2017

Pastoral Memorial Service Chicago Live Stream Recording
from October 6-8 2017

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The Youthful Worthies as a separate and disctinct class is Epiphaniac

E. Vol 5, page 494

…Simultaneous with the leading of the antitypical Goat
to the Gate was the leading of its New Creatures from the
antitypical Golden Altar, Table and Lampstand to the
antitypical first Vail; and simultaneous with the putting of
the antitypical Goat out of the Gate of the Court was the
putting of its New Creatures outside of the first Vail into
the Court as the Epiphany Levites; which proves that
dealing with the Great Company as such did not take place
until after the tribulation began.
(23) Another consideration proves this: The Gospel-Age
picture of the tabernacle allows no place for the Great
Company as a class. This being true, it follows that there
was no such class in existence during that Age. This
proposition evidently is true; for the Gospel-Age Camp was
the world—the nominal people of God; its Court was the
faith justified; and its Holy was the New Creatures as
priests. Hence there was no place for the Great Company in
the Gospel-Age picture. Hence for the Gospel Age there
was no Great Company as such; though there were, of
course, throughout the Age individual crown-losers. These
must, therefore, have been regarded by the Lord as priests
and members of Christ's Body. Accordingly, the Great
Company as a class is Epiphaniac as to the time of their
being dealt with, i.e., then for the first time God began to
deal with the crown-losers as with a class separate and
distinct from the Little Flock.

Note: The same principle applies to the Youthful Worthies as a separate and distinct class. It is Epiphaniac; the event occurs after 1914. 
E Vol. 4 Author's Foreword

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Bible Students Gathering at Riverside, CA

 February 17 - 19